• Dipped Candle Class

    • Ever wanted to learn how to make elegant hand dipped candles?  Camelia can teach you how.  Make your own hand dipped tapers to add grace and elegance to any spot in your home and wow your family and friends with your creativity and skill.

    Floating Candles

    • Fun fact, wax is lighter than water!  Candles floating in a unique or exotic container can add drama, flair, and color to any spot.  Camelia will show you how to use different molds and colors to create beautiful floating candles.

    Shell Candle

    • Don’t have time to go to the Coast?  Bring the Coast to your home by making one or more shell candles.  Big or small these lovely shell candles will remind you of a sun swept day, or romantic evening away.

    Sand Candle

    • Love the beach and want a way to bring it home other than on your shoes or in your towel?  Make a unique sand candle and have the fun of a day at the beach all year long.
  • Ball Candles

    • Come in and have a ball making beach ball candles, soccer ball candles, snowball candles.

    Candles in Molds

    • Cupcake pans and candle molds?  Yes, you would be surprised at the number of household items that can be used as candle molds.  Come in and learn how to make a candle using molds from cupcake moles, cake molds and candle molds.

    Wax Melts/Tarts

    • In this class you will learn how to make your own wax melts/tarts using candy molds, and other fun shapes.  You will also learn how to make light, medium and heavy scented melts.

    Scented Candles

    • Do you wish you could make your own scented candles or found the scented candles in the stores too overwhelming?  Come learn how to mix and match scents and colors that fit you, from light and breezy to strong and mellow.