Our Staff

Camelia Moss

Camelia Moss started out as an artist wanting to make a mold.  Camelia then started making candles from the mold and her customers wanted a way to offset the price of the beautiful custom-made candles.  Camelia and her customers swapped old burned and broken candles for the beautiful new ones.  
Customers talked to friends, who talked to friends, candles were being dropped off and Camelia’s dream to recycle candle wax was born.  Since 2011 Camelia has recycled 80 tons of beeswax, paraffin, and soy wax keeping it out of Oregon landfills.

Camelia also believes in helping members of the community.  She works with DHS and their Job Skills program, the Oregon Commission for the Blind Work Experience Program, and working with the wonderful vendors who make the store such a delightful place to shop.

Camelia also wants to see the store be a place for the community to create, learn and grow.  Whether it is through the Artist of the Month program, candle making classes, new job skills programs or a new opportunity over the horizon that will benefit and grow everyone who helps create it.

Sara Frazer

​Sara Frazer started work at Camelias Candles as a part of a work experience program through the Oregon Commission for the Blind.  Sara was immediate drawn to Camelia’s clear sense of purpose, vision, and drive.

Sara works behind the scenes at Camelias Candles, making sure that the paperwork doesn’t pile up too quickly, Social Media posts have pictures, informative, light and (hopefully) funny content.  As part of the marketing role, Sara is always on the look out for more places and ideas to share the Camelias Candles brand.  Sara also enjoys working with the vendors who are such a wonderful part of the shopping experience here at the store.  Sara has heard so many customers remark on the wonderful variety of choices and beauty of the items the vendors have to offer.

When Sara isn’t at the store, she is pursuing one her many other interests.  Tribal Belly Dance, serving on the board of Christmas Storybook Land, and financial education.