Recycle Wax

  • Camelias Candles recycles burned and broken candles, that would otherwise go to landfills, into vibrant new ones along with bulk wax for the do it yourselfers. In partnership with our wonderful customers, we have saved over 80 tons of wax in 10 years! The reason this conservation effort is so important is because waxes like paraffin are byproducts of petroleum production and can take decades or longer to break down in a landfill, especially if there are no wax worms in the area.

    Do you have burned or broken candles? Candles you don't want anymore? How about your children's broken crayons? Don't throw them away bring them to us and get a credit for any ready made candle in the store. We will turn your burned and broken items into new and unique candles and block wax for DIY candle making project.

    Our process: The wax is collected from our partner and customers or other people who wish to recycle their unwanted or scrap wax. From that point we separate it based on color, type of wax, and scent. After separation, it's melted down in 100 hundred pound batches, then filtered to remove as much of the impurities as possible, this is then cast into one 1 pound blocks for resale.

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