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Camelias Candles

Hear No Evil Monkey Candle

Hear No Evil Monkey Candle

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The "Hear No Evil" monkey candle is one of a set of three candles. We offer each of the three individually or as a set. The other two are the "Speak No Evil" monkey and the "See No Evil" monkey. One of the three mythical Monkeys, each of these candles represents a different form of blocking evil or negative energy from one’s life.

The "Hear No Evil" Monkey focuses on blocking outside influences in our lives. Specifically it acts as a reminder to let harsh or negative comments that may be said to you go, as if you do not hear them, as well as a reminder to not listen to those that may tempt you to do things that you know you should not.

Made with your choice of Beeswax, Paraffin Wax, Soy Wax, or Recycled Wax.

 W=6.5 oz L=3" H=4" D=2" Price includes shipping and handling.

Our Beeswax is mainly unscented (Natural), and uncolored (Natural, color selections will be ignored).

Paraffin and Soy may be either scented or unscented with the scent ranging from light to strong.

Recycled Wax may be a variable mixture of Paraffin and Soy, and as such the color shading may vary and we cannot guarantee exact color match between batches. Note: Black has an extra charge for the amount of coloring required to actually achieve a true black color.

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