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Camelias Candles

Recycled Candle Wax 1 lb Blocks

Recycled Candle Wax 1 lb Blocks

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This wax is all recycled from old, dead Candles which have been filtered and recast, ready for a new life. It is great for making tapered or pillar candles and much more, let your imagination run wild. 

It may or may not have slight pleasant fragrance, from its previous life.

Shipping is NOT included on Bulk Wax

We provide a range of standard colors at no charge.

Bulk Recycled Wax may be a variable mixture of Paraffin and Soy, so color shading may vary slightly and we cannot guarantee exact color match between batches. Note: that black has an extra charge for amount of colorant required to actually achieve a true black color. Camelias Candles, with our recycling partners, has saved over 80 tons of wax from entering our landfills over the last 11 years.

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