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Camelias Candles

See No Evil Monkey

See No Evil Monkey

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The See No Evil monkey candle is one of a set of three candles. We offer each of the three individually or as a set. The other two are the "Hear No Evil" monkey and the "Speak No Evil" monkey. One of the three mythical Monkeys, each of these candles represents a different form of blocking evil or negative energy from one’s life.

The See No Evil Monkey is a reminder to look for the good in everything otherwise you may get overwhelmed by the negativity. Bad things may happen but usually if you're looking there is something good close at hand as well. Most importantly it is the reminder that if you cannot see the good in a situation then it is time to take action and be the good so that you and others don't become lost in the darkness.

Made with your choice of Beeswax, Paraffin Wax, Soy Wax, or Recycled Wax.

If you select Beeswax, please be aware that it may have a honey scent that can range from light to medium. Because beeswax already has a yellowish color, we DO NOT add color to any candle made with beeswaxx. Any requests for a color to be added to a beeswax candle will not be honored.

Paraffin and Soy may be either scented or unscented with the scent ranging from light to strong.

Recycled Wax may be a variable mixture of Paraffin and Soy, and as such the color shading may vary and we cannot guarantee exact color match between batches. Note: Black has an extra charge for the amount of coloring required to actually achieve a true black color.

 W=6.5 oz L=3" H=4" D=2" Price includes shipping and handling.

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