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Camelias Candles

See, Hear, and Speak No Evil Monkey Candle Set of 3

See, Hear, and Speak No Evil Monkey Candle Set of 3

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See, Hear and Speak No Evin Monkey Candles - This set of three candles consists of one See No Evil Monkey, one Hear No Evil Monkey, and one Speak No Evil Monkey. All three of which may also be found individually. Each monkey is a representation of keeping an evil or negative energy at bay in one's life.

The Hear No Evil Monkey is the genital reminder to ignore negative external forces. It tells us that while criticism may be useful there is no need for us to listen to blatant put downs from others or even from ourselves because negative comments do not help us to grow and become better.

The Speak No Evil monkey is the reminder to guard our own tongues and to be mindful of what we say to others. The more mindful we are the less likely we are to unintentionally hurt man other. It is also the reminder to be easy on ourselves.

The See No Evil monkey is a reminder that while bad things happen there is always something good at hand as well. If you can't see it maybe it's time to step up and be the light in the darkness to remind those around you that not everything is bad.

Each candle stands roughly 4 inches tall by 3 inches wide by 2 inches thick. They are made with beeswax and are unscented with the approximate weight of 6.5 ounces each.

Custom orders are available upon request if you would like a specific color or scent with use of a different wax.

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